Simulation Services

Contract research - quantum mechanical simulations

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Service provider for R&D divisions

specializes in the implementation of quantum chemistry-based research and development techniques for the chemical, materials, and pharmaceutical industries. In this case we identify any chemical and physical properties at molecular level of any systems and processes since 2008.

We offer our customers to support the development of creative resource- and energy-efficient production processes with unique methods. Here, we apply innovative optimization algorithms.

Simulation Service

provides several state-of-the-art simulation techniques on demand.
Our clients don't need to know for which kind of chemical question which method is most accurate and the theory behind quantum mechanics.

Our clients don't need to have a huge server cluster to get a fast answer for their chemical questions. The only pay for the investigation on demand and not directly for the infrastructure and specialists.

Contract Research

examines the problems of the customers at the molecular level. The customers research and development team benefits from this advanced technology, without having to require deep theoretical or technological knowledge.
The customer does not only receive pure simulation results (eg. energy values or structures), which have been computed with state of the art simulation methods, but also receives high-quality data for a better understanding of the results. They can also be used directly for presentation of results.

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is a leading company with an interdisciplinary scientific team that specializes in the implementation of quantum chemistry-based services for the chemical research and development since 2008.
We use computer-based simulations to determine properties and reaction of arbitrary chemical substances so that cost- and time consuming research and development in the chemical and pharmaceutical industry can be optimized and accelarated significantly.
Hereby, we help our customers to increase productivity just like for example in the automotive, and aerospace industry, where the use of computer simulations has been utilized to evaluate promising products and components.
We provide unique research on particular issues, for all kinds of questions and large-scale screening tasks. Through this technology our customers receive a deeper insight into their chemical systems and are able to optimize them more extensively and in a most promising direction.